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The facts are: LJ has Soviet Servers, which exist under Russian rule; Russia has been quite inhumane to gay people in the past and even more so today; I write gay content I don't want to suddenly lose forever. I can't take that kind of chance with my writing, I like the sound of my own voice too much, and this is the only diary I've kept through my entire 20s--I'll want this to survive so I can look at it later. My best friend pointed out when she resolved to start journaling again what Christopher Isherwood once pointed out: if you don't record this stuff, you're not keeping yourself from the world, you're keeping your current self from who you'll become in the future. That's bullshit; I love me all the time.

So: after a couple of false starts in trying to archive it or export it all, I started a Dreamwidth account that was able to import all of my content, comments, pictures, tags, etc, and it even has about the same old school layout. In the words of President Lincoln when he met his most intimate friend Joshua Speed, and immediately accepted an invitation to share his bed: "Well Speed, I'm moved!"

For public posts I can be found here:

For private posts, come be my friend! 
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